Quantity discounts. The more you buy, the higher the discount. You receive a 2% discount on every four (4) qualifying boxes of (GSI Brand) products. Up to the maximum discount of 10% when you buy 20 qualifying boxes. This is a mix and match quantity including the following qualifying box types: GSI fluid ovals and GSI vials (palm & turn, press on & reversible). Items that you use that don't go bad. So stock up and save.  


  • 4-7 cases       2% discount   
  • 8-11 cases     4% discount   
  • 12-15 cases   6% discount   
  • 16-19 cases   8% discount   
  • 20 cases        10% discount  

Centor products, Rx Bags, Rx Pads & Rx Labels not eligible for quantity discounts.